Friday, 19 April 2013

Arrival in Norfolk

Having set off from Burford with the Sat Nav (Jasmine) set for Ludham I suddenly found myself on the M40 and heading towards London!  The last thing I wanted was to be driving via the M25 and M11 but Jasmine was determined to send me that way.  I did the obvious thing and exited at the first opportunity and found my way to Aylesbury and Milton Keynes and then I was back on track.  Jamie had been in touch with the Peugeot garage Busseys in Norwich and so long as I arrived before 3.30pm they would try and sort out my speedo problem.  I normally drive very economically but I needed to get there and so I put my foot down!!  I found Busseys, parked up and they were brilliant.  We had plenty of coffee while we waited and it was fantastic news - my speedo was working again!  It was then a short hop to Ludham Bridge and the newly named Norfolk Broads Caravan Club Site.  It was previously known as Broadlands.

After sorting out our pitch and having a well earned glass of red wine, I took Hamish for a walk to the River Ant to see what boats were moored for the night.  It was a beautiful evening …


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Jo Anne said...

You did so well to get all that way without your speedo. Good old Jasmine :-)