Saturday, 18 October 2014

Final Visit to Crocus & Off to Luton

Hamish had a final walk by the River Ant …


I packed the van, left it on the site and drove in the Mini to meet the boys at Potter Heigham.  We’d arranged to visit Crocus for a last look to see how she was progressing …


Then it was back to the site to collect the van and drive to Luton.  We began in convoy but the boys stopped for a Starbucks and I carried  on.  Hamish was happy to be at their home …


Friday, 17 October 2014

Potter Heigham and Tunstead

My last full day began at Potter Heigham …


After a walk along the riverside I had a wander around the boats both for sale and for hire at Herbert Woods …


This was my last chance to go grave-hunting so it was back to the car and off to Tunstead …


Thursday, 16 October 2014


I spent the morning on the campsite but after lunch Hamish and I went to Coltishall for a walk by the river.  I parked by the Rising Sun and we walked to the far end of the green.  Unfortunately the grass was very sodden and so we had to stick to the pavement.  I then chatted to two elderly sisters who were sitting on a bench – local ladies who were really interesting. 


Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Ormesby, Filby and Thurne

Another sunny day!  I made up a picnic lunch and with my map to hand set off to find Ormesby church.  It was right by the main road and thankfully there was a huge car park.  Hamish and I had a good wander around and then returned to the car.


A quick check at my map and I drove on to find Filby church which I eventually found after missing the little road that led to it.  I was hoping to find the name Shrimpling here but I was unlucky. 


I was now thinking about somewhere to stop for lunch and drove to the parking area at the far side of Filby bridge.  Unfortunately you couldn’t see any water from the car park and dogs were not allowed on the walk to Ormesby Little Broad …


I took a short walk to Filby bridge but it just took me back to the main road …


Plan B was needed and so I drove to Thurne Dyke, parked on the Staithe, took my chair and lunch and sat in brilliantly warm sunshine to enjoy my sandwich …


Hamish seemed to have spotted something but I’ve no idea what it was!


After eating I took my chair to the entrance of the dyke and sat in the sunshine watching the world go by.  It was so relaxing …


I had a look around the little shop ‘Ramblers’ and then called in to see Crocus on my way back to site …


Nick and Dave had been busy since my last visit. 


As I was leaving my phone rang and it was Sue Hines from the blog ‘Lady Louise’.  Each year she produces beautiful calendars and as she had been helping with the Barton Regatta she was calling in to the campsite to deliver mine today.  We’d followed each others blogs, messaged and emailed but had never met.  She joined us in the motor home and we had a lovely chat over a cuppa.  Thank you Sue for another brilliant calendar especially for March 2015 which features Sally!


Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Sunshine after the Rain

The only thing you can say about yesterday is that it was wet!  Apart from two short walks with Hamish I hibernated in the motor home all day.  I took this photo on my evening walk and next to it is the same place three days ago …


So when the sun finally came out today I had lunch and then drove to Salhouse for a walk to the Broad.  It was pretty damp and a bit muddy in places but was still a lovely walk …


When we arrived at the Broad there were only about five boats there and two of them left while we were strolling around.


We went to the play area – the Broad was looking great …


Having walked the lower route on our way in we took the higher route back …


On our way home we stopped at Salhouse church …


I’ll be busy on Ancestry when I get home adding all the church photos to my tree!