Saturday, 27 April 2013

Farewell Mars

We were up bright and early after a night where we’d had rain and hail.  The hailstones sounded very loud on the cabin roof!  We soon cleared Mars of all our stuff, had the fuel checked and after visiting the office it was time to move on.

I took a reading of the hours on the dashboard and it was 12119.7 which meant that we’d used her for 23.7 hours during our week.  We received quite a nice fuel refund!!

After filling with diesel at Tesco we made our way to Ludham Bridge for our traditional last breakfast at the Wayfarers Cafe.  We then went into Wroxham for a last shop in Roys and finally waved the boys off as they left for Luton.  We had one more night in Norfolk as we were booked in at the Caravan Club Site at Ludham Bridge again.

Goodbye Norfolk but we’ll be back in October when we have a cottage booked on the River Thurne.  We’re counting down the days!!

Friday, 26 April 2013

Last Day around the River Ant

We awoke to a dry morning after having had rain overnight.  We filled up with water and after the dogs had made sure all was okay we left for Gay’s Staithe …



We enjoyed a late breakfast in the company of a mum and her babes – they were so cute …




We left Gay’s Staithe and motored on into the moorings at Neatishead where we went for a walk to try the local shop – the White House Stores -which has re-opened as a Community Shop.  Their pies looked very yummy so we bought some for supper tonight.  The local paper told us that we were in the hottest part of the UK …


The next destination was Wayford Bridge where we moored and had lunch. 


After lunch we went for a coffee in the Hotel and had a wander over to the boatyard.


Then it was a sad journey back to Richardsons to spend our last night in the yard …


Thursday, 25 April 2013

Potter Heigham to Barton Turf

We woke to an overcast morning and while shopping in Lathams it began to rain.  It didn’t amount to much though thankfully and after photographing a brood of ducklings plus the obligatory one of the bridge, we found we were the last to leave the moorings …

North Norfolk-20130425-00409North Norfolk-20130425-00413North Norfolk-20130425-00417

It was a short hop to Thurne Dyke where we moored up and waited for a space on the windmill side.  We perched on the end and then it was an easy walk for Mike to come to the shop with us. 


I cannot visit here without going to the little shop and spending money!  This time my main purchase was a clock …


We left after lunch and the weather was absolutely glorious!




We were lucky at Irstead as there was a spare mooring and after a short stop so that Phill could buy a decorated stone to add to his collection, we moved on across Barton Broad to Barton Turf.


Later I took Hamish for a walk …


In the evening Lisa and Steve (Sally owners) came over for a drink and a natter.  It was a perfect end to the day.

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Wroxham to Potter Heigham

We woke to sunshine and a very warm day.  The boys did a food shop in Roys and then we rang the Pilot to book a return trip under the bridge.  The same chap came on board and took us through …

P4240103P4240104P4240105P4240106North Norfolk-20130424-00388

After dropping him off we continued downriver …


When we reached Horning we were hoping to stop at Horning Marina Services for a pump-out and to use their showers again but there were boats moored up and no room for us. 


We went on down to Ferry Marina where there was a space.  We asked about showers and requested a pump-out and top-up of water.  The boys were soon back at Mars as showers were £3 each!!! They decided to wait until we got to Potter – no way were they spending £6 on showers no matter how swish they were!  We weren’t over impressed with the cost of the pump-out either as last year we’d paid £10 and this year it was £15.  Having asked for water we didn’t like to say no to it when told it was £3!  So £18 lighter we set off once again.

It was lunch-time and there was a space on the St Benedict’s Church mooring so we stopped to eat …


After only a short stay we moved on and made for Ranworth once again where Phill treated us all to ice-creams and Ozzie spent all his time watching the wildlife …


When we left we found we had some stowaways!


It wasn’t too long before we arrived at Potter Heigham and managed to moor by the electric hook-up.  It was quite busy on the river so there was plenty to sit and watch …


Naturally Phill and I went for a wander around Lathams and then the boys went off to use the showers at Herbert Woods yard.