Sunday, 21 April 2013

Meeting up with Old and New Friends

I’ve been looking forward to today since I blogged about Sally and the Three Rivers Race last year.  Her new owners had made contact and today we’re meeting at Acle Bridge so that I can have a sail in her. 

We woke to a very frosty morning and after some very yummy bacon sarnies, we set off at ten o’clock. 


We wanted to stop at St Benet’s Abbey to give the dogs a run and after mooring up we made our way over.  As we approached there was a chap sitting on the ground with some equipment which turned out to be listening equipment as the swallows were in the building.  We saw the swallows and they were very vocal! 

photo 2photoDSCF2429

We strolled on over to the cross where the obligatory timed photo was taken …


Back to Mars and with Ozzie on alert we continued on our way …


As we approached Acle Bridge I could see Sally just ahead of us preparing to moor …


We were very lucky and found a mooring spot in front of Sally where we jumped ashore and introductions were made.  John, Steve and Lisa Burton are now the proud owners of Sally and they’re lovely people.  John invited me aboard - Mike unfortunately was not able to make it – so Simon came with me.  There was very little wind but John took us upriver a short way and then back down again …


Sally looks very different from when we hired her in the 1970’s.  She is longer to start with, has a bowsprit and is very smart.  A lot of hard work and love has been rewarded by a beautiful yacht …


After promising to keep in touch and saying our farewells we watched Steve and Lisa set sail to take Sally back to her home moorings …


While we were at Acle we rang Richardsons because the filter tap and the electric connection for lights were both not working.  A chap came out and repaired them for us.  We had lunch and then motored off to Womack Water for a  cuppa.

North Norfolk-20130421-00303P4210035







We didn’t stop for long and then made our way back out and headed for Upton Dyke.








When we arrived at the entrance to the dyke Jamie took over the helm from Simon as this was a place he’s wanted to visit every year we’ve been going to the Broads.  Each year we say no to him as the dyke is narrow and we’re not sure about turning at the end.  This year I’d seen a thread on the Norfolk Broads Forum which discussed entering and mooring and people seemed to think it was possible in a cruiser the size of ours. We motored very slowly down, turned quite easily and moored up.  Jamie was thrilled!!








We decided to walk to the dog-friendly White Horse pub for a drink and then it was back to Mars for supper.


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Jo Anne said...

Lovely post SA. Sp lovely to see the pix of you on SALLY. It looks like a smashing day for you all. x