Thursday, 25 April 2013

Potter Heigham to Barton Turf

We woke to an overcast morning and while shopping in Lathams it began to rain.  It didn’t amount to much though thankfully and after photographing a brood of ducklings plus the obligatory one of the bridge, we found we were the last to leave the moorings …

North Norfolk-20130425-00409North Norfolk-20130425-00413North Norfolk-20130425-00417

It was a short hop to Thurne Dyke where we moored up and waited for a space on the windmill side.  We perched on the end and then it was an easy walk for Mike to come to the shop with us. 


I cannot visit here without going to the little shop and spending money!  This time my main purchase was a clock …


We left after lunch and the weather was absolutely glorious!




We were lucky at Irstead as there was a spare mooring and after a short stop so that Phill could buy a decorated stone to add to his collection, we moved on across Barton Broad to Barton Turf.


Later I took Hamish for a walk …


In the evening Lisa and Steve (Sally owners) came over for a drink and a natter.  It was a perfect end to the day.


Simon AmongTheReeds said...

Hello, Just read your blog, still trying to find the time to do mine. I noticed that you are going back in October. Well great minds, I've booked a boat from Horizon Craft, for 5th October, we hope to get under the Potter Bridge, so we got a boat with a low air draft. Which week are you going, and what boat. We might finally be able to say hi.

sally-ann said...

Still haven't finished mine! We're back in October but not on the water. I've booked a riverside cottage on the Thurne near Potter Heigham. We'll give you a wave as you pass!

Simon AmongTheReeds said...

Anywhere near Martham? Trying to find somewhere to moor overnight. Might tie up at the bottom of your garden. You there the same week?

sally-ann said...

Yes same week but below Potter bridge.