Tuesday, 23 April 2013

We Got Under a Bridge!!

We woke to a lovely morning and I took a few photos …

North Norfolk-20130423-00350IMG-20130423-00343IMG-20130423-00344

Mike, Simon and I walked down to the new Horning Marina Services which are situated at the old Norfolk Broads Yachting Company building where they have new showers.  We left feeling oh so much cleaner!!!


Once back on board we set off for Wroxham with the intention of mooring and hiring a day-boat to go to Coltishall.  As we approached Wroxham we saw that the height under the bridge meant that we might be able to get through on Mars.  Jamie rang the pilot who agreed to take us through, so with everything lowered we approached and picked him up …


After a quick top-up shop in Roys we left our mooring and began the trip upriver to Coltishall. 


After lunch we went for a walk into Coltishall …


On our way back to Mars we spotted Cornish Cream Teas in Norfolk!!  Phill had to try one out!


While sitting outside the Rising Sun a mum and babes came floating past.  We’ve seen so few babies this year – a sign of the bad weather and lack of springtime.


Then it was time to get back to Wroxham as Simon was leaving us today.


None of us had noticed the time and there was suddenly a panic when we realised we’d spent far too long at Coltishall and the Richardsons office was likely to be closed by the time he got there.  He shot off the boat as soon as we moored, rang for a taxi and rang Richardsons.  They agreed to leave his car keys with his car and gave him the code to get out of the yard.  Phew!  We were very relieved when he rang to say he was on his way back to us in his car.  He packed his stuff and said a sad farewell.  I don’t think he was looking forward to work tomorrow while we’d be sunning ourselves on the water!

In the evening we wandered over to the Hotel Wroxham for supper.  We began by sitting outside as we had the dogs with us …

North Norfolk-20130423-00382North Norfolk-20130423-00383

but it soon got cold so we tied the dogs to the railings and abandoned indoors!


Simon AmongTheReeds said...

So glad you made it up to Coltishall, it is our favorite place, so peacefull after Wroxham. The way up river is lovely, the common and the village are special too. I think it's the place I will visit everytime I visit the broads.

Jay said...

Nice to see you back in our neck of the woods, you can get a fabulous cream tea at the deli in Horning when you're next passing.

sally-ann said...

Thanks for that info. We've just booked another holiday in October so will definitely call in and try it if they're open then.

Jay said...

They're open most of the time (I think they shut for a bit in January) We often walk down for a pastry and coffee on Sunday mornings in the winter! I'd highly recommend it.