Saturday, 27 April 2013

Farewell Mars

We were up bright and early after a night where we’d had rain and hail.  The hailstones sounded very loud on the cabin roof!  We soon cleared Mars of all our stuff, had the fuel checked and after visiting the office it was time to move on.

I took a reading of the hours on the dashboard and it was 12119.7 which meant that we’d used her for 23.7 hours during our week.  We received quite a nice fuel refund!!

After filling with diesel at Tesco we made our way to Ludham Bridge for our traditional last breakfast at the Wayfarers Cafe.  We then went into Wroxham for a last shop in Roys and finally waved the boys off as they left for Luton.  We had one more night in Norfolk as we were booked in at the Caravan Club Site at Ludham Bridge again.

Goodbye Norfolk but we’ll be back in October when we have a cottage booked on the River Thurne.  We’re counting down the days!!

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