Saturday, 20 April 2013

Back on Broadland Mars

As we were staying at Ludham Bridge it was a very short drive to Richardson’s yard and we were there way ahead of the boys.  Mike and I strolled into Stalham for a bit of shopping and when we got back I checked in. 


Mars was ready for us so I began loading all our stuff aboard and then the boys arrived.  The trial run chap was quite happy that Jamie knew what he was doing and allowed us to leave when we were ready. 


At the end of our holiday last April I’d made a note of the total hours on the dashboard of Mars and so before we set off I wrote down what it was currently showing.  The first reading was 11298.4 and the latest reading was 12096.0 which meant that over the year Mars had clocked up 797.6 hours on the water.  Hopefully I’ll remember to take a another reading at the end of our week!

We set off at two o’clock in brilliant sunshine and after crossing Barton Broad with Simon at the helm we made our way down the River Ant towards Ludham Bridge.  Jamie was busy sorting out his room, I was busy sorting out ours and Phill was putting all the food away and getting the galley to his liking!  Hamish was being Hamish and enjoying the sun!!








We moored as close to the electric point as we could as the boys had brought their hook-up with them.  Overnight we had to move on to the water mooring but we moved off it again first thing the next morning.  Of course the annual photo of the boys by the mill had to be taken …


and then we enjoyed a beautiful evening in the sun and were treated to a lovely sunset …



Simon AmongTheReeds said...

We passed you about 3pm on the Broads Sunset, no one was aboard, guess you were doing the annual photo. Was so busy looking I nearly run aground, and had to remaneuver to get under the bridge. I noticed that the Mars leaves from Kingfisher Quay this year, our trial run guy let us go when we were ready too, probably the same guy. We went straight onto Ranworth, and just got a mooring.

sally-ann said...

If you'd arrived before we'd left you'd have found Sunset moored next to Mars on Kingfisher Quay!!