Monday, 8 October 2007

Day Eight

It's the last morning which is always sad.

We'd decided we wanted to come back to the same yard next year so had a good look around trying to make a decision as to which boat we would hire. We were looking at slightly bigger boats as we'd thought it would be nice if we could get my mum-in-law on the Broads with us next time. The last time she was here was when my husband was about nine years old! We made a choice and borrowed the keys to Corsair Light 3 so we could look her over - perfect! Three cabins and three en suites - couldn't be better!

Roll on October 2008!!!

Sunday, 7 October 2007

Day Seven

Up at 8am this morning to find a beautiful sunny day.

After breks we took the dogs for a walk to visit the parish church of St Edmund which was just lovely.

After leaving the Dyke we moored on the Bure so we could watch the yachts as they prepared for the first race of the day ...

Jamie and Hamish were in charge!

and then moved on to South Walsham for lunch.

In the afternoon we went back for a last visit to St Benets Abbey so the dogs could stretch their legs, spotting this heron on the way ...

... and then made our way back to the yard at Potter Heigham for our last night.

Saturday, 6 October 2007

Day Six

As we got up this morning everone around us was departing as it's Saturday and change over day for many. All of a sudden the Staithe was almost deserted!

We set off after breks passing yachts on the way ...

and went to Ranworth but it was full up at the Staithe and as the dogs needed to get ashore we made the decision not to drop the mud weight and moved on to Cockshoot Dyke.

No idea what they had spotted!

Had a lovely walk along the river to the road at the Horning Ferry and back again. After lunch we were admiring a Freeman which had come alongside and then had a chat with the owners. We are so envious! After lunch we left and headed for Thurne Dyke where we had promised ourselves a meal out at the Lion Inn. Very nice it was too!!

We were joined in the Dyke by members of the Lady Yacht Club as it was their Regatta Weekend and their AGM which is held in the pub - naturally! The Dyke was full to bursting with craft.

Friday, 5 October 2007

Day Five

It was misty and cold when we got up at 8am this morning. We left Gay's Staithe at 9.40am and arrived at Ludham Bridge at 10.40am.

After a quick shop at the Stores we left and arrived at the moorings near St Benets Abbey at 11.20am. The dogs knew exactly where they were and had a great run on familiar grass. Just to be different we had a cream tea with coffee!! Diet I think when we return home!

Relaxing on the move ...

We left at 12.10pm and went on down river passing under Acle Bridge ...

to Stokesby arriving at 1.20pm where we had lunch.

We left at 1.55pm and saw a Hunter yacht on our way ...

before stopping at Acle Bridge so the boys could walk into Acle, leaving at 3.20pm. We arrived at Womack Water at 4.25pm where we were spending the night.

Thursday, 4 October 2007

Day Four

Up this morning at 8am and found a beautiful sunny day...

After breks and topping up with water we left at 9.45am and headed for Stalham where we all posed for a photo using the timer.

We arrived at 10.15am and moored up at the Staithe. The boys went off to do a shop at Tesco and we stayed on the boat enjoying the sunshine with the dogs who kept an eye out for their return ...

Here they come ...

We left at 1.05pm and arrived at Sutton Staithe at 1.30pm where we had a pump out. We left Sutton at 2.20pm and arrived at Gay's Staithe at 3.10pm.

After mooring up we had a lovely walk down to the village of Neatishead and had a drink in the pub.

What a beautiful spot to spend the night ...

and a swan kept us company ...

Wednesday, 3 October 2007

Day Three

We were spoilt today and were given pancakes for breks! We topped up with water at Salhouse and left our mooring at 10am.

Nb Grebe passed us through Horning ...

and the NBYC had many of their yachts moored up at their boatyard ...

We arrived at Ludham Bridge at 11.25am ...

... walked the dogs and did some shopping in the Bridge Stores. We left at 1.10pm and decided to stop at How Hill for lunch.

We left at 2.20pm and arrived at Barton Turf at 2.55pm.

The boys went for a long walk with Ozzie and we just enjoyed the peace and quiet of the evening.

Tuesday, 2 October 2007

Day Two

Up bright and early and Jamie took both the dogs for a walk. Set off after breks at 9.30am with the top down and high broken cloud.

Ozzie found himself a nice cosy place to hide away ...

Arrived at Horning Staithe at 10.20am for bacon sarnies! Had a wander through the village and left at 11.40am.

Apparently a Southgate lives here - wonder if he's a distant relation?

Arrived Wroxham and topped up with water before mooring and shopping in Roys - where else!!

Left Wroxham at 2.50pm, passing the wherry Ardea ...

... and after going through Wroxham Broad we arrived at Salhouse Broad and moored up at 3.40pm.

Monday, 1 October 2007

Autumn Holiday 2007

Well a whole year has gone by since our last 'boat' holiday and this time it is something completely different for us. We're in a 'stinkie'!! No hurting backs, wet clothes and sore hands for us in 2007!
We've teamed up with Jamie, Phill and Ozzie, their Springer Spaniel, for a week on Serene Light out of Herbert Woods yard. Luckily Hamish and Ozzie are the best of friends and they both love being onboard a boat.
We arrived at the boatyard about 12.30pm, loaded the boat with our gear and managed to set off at 2pm, mooring up at the entrance to Womack for a very late lunch.

Me and my boy with Ozzie ...

Poor Phill! But somebody has to unpack all the food ...

Hamish in his usual position - fast asleep ...

We looked in at Ranworth but the Staithe was very crowded so decided to moor at St Benets Abbey where there was a lovely walk along the river for the dogs.

The Abbey ...