Saturday, 6 October 2007

Day Six

As we got up this morning everone around us was departing as it's Saturday and change over day for many. All of a sudden the Staithe was almost deserted!

We set off after breks passing yachts on the way ...

and went to Ranworth but it was full up at the Staithe and as the dogs needed to get ashore we made the decision not to drop the mud weight and moved on to Cockshoot Dyke.

No idea what they had spotted!

Had a lovely walk along the river to the road at the Horning Ferry and back again. After lunch we were admiring a Freeman which had come alongside and then had a chat with the owners. We are so envious! After lunch we left and headed for Thurne Dyke where we had promised ourselves a meal out at the Lion Inn. Very nice it was too!!

We were joined in the Dyke by members of the Lady Yacht Club as it was their Regatta Weekend and their AGM which is held in the pub - naturally! The Dyke was full to bursting with craft.

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