Sunday, 8 July 2012

Broads Puzzles

It all began with the purchase of a Hunsett Mill puzzle from Lathams at the end of our holiday in April.

Hunsett MIll

Having done one puzzle I wanted to do another and the search began for Broads related puzzles.  I happened to look on eBay and found an Upton Dyke puzzle with about ten minutes left to run.  Well …. what would you have done?  Of course – I bid for it and got it!

Upton Dyke

This one was really interesting because i could check on Craig’s website and find the names of the yachts from their numbers. 

Left to right:  S578 = Cresta Maria, Z422 = Seven Seas, M816 = Typhoon and J917 = Tempest.

I was hunting on eBay every day now and soon spotted my next one.  There were several days to wait and I was sure that someone else would put in a high bid and get it.  I was lucky again and The Swan Inn, Horning was soon completed.  This was special to me as a Southgate relative was licensee here back in the mid 1800’s …

Swan Inn

My last Broads jigsaw was a windmill on the River Ant …

How Hill

It wasn’t until I started to do it that I realised it was How Hill in the distance!  Of course I now recognise the picture which was taken before all the new moorings were done.

I’ve no idea if there are any more Broads puzzles but I will keep hunting!