Sunday, 8 July 2012

Broads Puzzles

It all began with the purchase of a Hunsett Mill puzzle from Lathams at the end of our holiday in April.

Hunsett MIll

Having done one puzzle I wanted to do another and the search began for Broads related puzzles.  I happened to look on eBay and found an Upton Dyke puzzle with about ten minutes left to run.  Well …. what would you have done?  Of course – I bid for it and got it!

Upton Dyke

This one was really interesting because i could check on Craig’s website and find the names of the yachts from their numbers. 

Left to right:  S578 = Cresta Maria, Z422 = Seven Seas, M816 = Typhoon and J917 = Tempest.

I was hunting on eBay every day now and soon spotted my next one.  There were several days to wait and I was sure that someone else would put in a high bid and get it.  I was lucky again and The Swan Inn, Horning was soon completed.  This was special to me as a Southgate relative was licensee here back in the mid 1800’s …

Swan Inn

My last Broads jigsaw was a windmill on the River Ant …

How Hill

It wasn’t until I started to do it that I realised it was How Hill in the distance!  Of course I now recognise the picture which was taken before all the new moorings were done.

I’ve no idea if there are any more Broads puzzles but I will keep hunting!


Jay said...

I've just had a little read of your blog; glad you enjoy our neck of the woods!

Simon AmongTheReeds said...

Hi Sally-Ann not long now. I've written a blog about our time on the broads last Semptember. Haven't realy figured this google thing out, so not sure if you can follow it back to my blog.

Simon AmongTheReeds said...

Hi Sally-Ann. We got Richardson a bit later than expected, and got away about 2pm. We saw your boat moored at Ludham Bridge around 2:30, but nobody was onboard, I expect you were doing the annual photo. We kept going to get a mooring at Ranworth. Never saw you Sunday and went Didn't we choose the right week? Hope you enjoyed yourselves, and look forward to reading this years blog. Simon