Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Wroxham to Potter Heigham

We woke to sunshine and a very warm day.  The boys did a food shop in Roys and then we rang the Pilot to book a return trip under the bridge.  The same chap came on board and took us through …

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After dropping him off we continued downriver …


When we reached Horning we were hoping to stop at Horning Marina Services for a pump-out and to use their showers again but there were boats moored up and no room for us. 


We went on down to Ferry Marina where there was a space.  We asked about showers and requested a pump-out and top-up of water.  The boys were soon back at Mars as showers were £3 each!!! They decided to wait until we got to Potter – no way were they spending £6 on showers no matter how swish they were!  We weren’t over impressed with the cost of the pump-out either as last year we’d paid £10 and this year it was £15.  Having asked for water we didn’t like to say no to it when told it was £3!  So £18 lighter we set off once again.

It was lunch-time and there was a space on the St Benedict’s Church mooring so we stopped to eat …


After only a short stay we moved on and made for Ranworth once again where Phill treated us all to ice-creams and Ozzie spent all his time watching the wildlife …


When we left we found we had some stowaways!


It wasn’t too long before we arrived at Potter Heigham and managed to moor by the electric hook-up.  It was quite busy on the river so there was plenty to sit and watch …


Naturally Phill and I went for a wander around Lathams and then the boys went off to use the showers at Herbert Woods yard.

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