Thursday, 9 October 2014

St Benet’s Abbey and Ludham

The day didn’t start too well as I left my phone in the van and didn’t realise until I arrived at Irstead Staithe.  After a quick stop I decided to return and collect it and then went on to St Benet’s Abbey.  As I drove down the track I met a huge great tractor and trailer and had to drive off the road to get round it.  Scary or what?  I made it to the car park and with Hamish in tow we set off for a walk.  There were no cows visible this time so we went to the cross where I’d heard there was a new talking bench. 


It’s a brilliant idea.  You push a button and get a welcome from the Abbot, then a description of the Church.  Unfortunately as I sat listening the sky was getting blacker and I wasn’t wearing a waterproof coat nor did I have an umbrella, so I had to leave before hearing everything.  I will be back!

It was lunch-time so we returned to the car and as I sat eating I watched the tractors working …


I was dreading the drive back up the lane as I knew I was bound to meet a tractor again which I did.  Thankfully there was a nice passing place for me this time and I was very relieved when I reached the road. 

I drove into Ludham and parked at the church.  I had a few graves that I still wanted to find and I needed some close up photos of a previously found grave. 


There was another lovely sunset this evening when I walked Hamish …


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