Saturday, 11 October 2014


I spent the morning doing jobs in the van and then after lunch I drove into Horning.  I put an hour on the ticket and walked over to the Staithe to find a bench and watch the boats. 


Hamish was in a strange mood and wouldn’t settle so after a short time we left our spot and went for a walk.  We still had a little time left on the clock so sat again but this time on a bench on the grass.  It was then back to the site for a cuppa and a catch up on my laptop.

When I walked Hamish this evening there were a couple of yachts at the bridge – America and Trade Wind …


America moved on but Trade Wind changed banks and I spoke to them on my return.  They are competing in the hire boat Regatta next week which takes place on Barton Broad.  It was their first time sailing on the Broads and although they’d only just collected their yacht, they were finding it very different from anywhere else they’d sailed.  I wished them good luck, took a photo of the sky and made my way back to camp …


As the evening progressed I noticed the sky getting very threatening and heard thunder rumbling …


A massive storm was brewing and it wasn’t long before we had lightening to accompany the thunder and then torrential rain.  Hamish is petrified by storms like this and I had to have all blinds closed to keep the lightening out but he panicked at the noise and was a very unhappy chap.

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