Monday, 23 April 2012

Womack to Salhouse Broad

Simon and Vikki were on breakfast duty this morning and so we enjoyed pancakes, bacon and maple syrup.  This is not a combination I’d ever eaten before but wow it was so yummy!!!


I requested a group photo before preparations were made to leave the Staithe and then Simon was given the job of lifting the mud-weight.  Phill gave him some gloves to keep his hands clean and Simon being Simon decided to blow it up first and then needed help from Mr Muscle to pull the weight up!


We finally left Womack and made our way back to the Thurne …


The Broads Authority were in evidence this morning as we left Thurne behind …


All this cruising is very tiring!


More babies and yachts on the Bure as we make for Ranworth …


We took advantage of the sunshine and sat outside for coffee.  Everyone was catching up with phone calls and messages as we all had signal.  Hamish was more interested in Willow the cafe cat who was remaining just out of reach!


After lunch I took Hamish for a walk to the church.  It’s St George’s Day and the England flag was flying proudly …


Back to Mars and after filling with water we set off from the Staithe …


After turning left when reaching the Bure we motored along to Horning gaining some extra passengers on the way …


We were very lucky and found a space on the Staithe, went for a walk through the village and rang Pam hoping that she could see us on the Sailing Club webcam - unfortunately she couldn’t.


We had an hilarious episode while we watched a couple in a dayboat trying to moor up.  They went back and forth so many times, first her having a go and then him having a go.  When they finally made it we, plus the boat next to us, all gave them a round of applause and they took a bow! 

We moved off leaving the Southern Comfort and the Swan Inn behind …


We chose a mud-free mooring spot at Salhouse and Phill fed the wildlife …


The kids walked to the pub as Simon had requested a pint of the local brew!  I took advantage of a virtually empty boat and decided to have a shower.  Big mistake!  To say it was useless is to put it mildly.  It sprayed either the mirror or the door and the only way I could get wet was to hold it over me.  Lesson learned – no more showers on board.

When they’d all got back and we’d had supper, the Rummikub came out and we played my most favourite game.  If you’ve never tried it then give it a go!

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PamelaB said...

Lovely! please send Nev the ones of the dogs lying on the seat, the two seperate ones. He has snt me some of Bob.