Saturday, 21 April 2012

Picking up Broadland Mars

We were staying on the Broadlands Caravan Club Site near Ludham and so only had a short drive to Richardsons yard at Stalham.  I took Hamish for a walk to the Staithe by the bridge to see if there was any interesting activity to watch.  One of our old hire craft Capri was moored up and the shop looked inviting but I could go in there at a later date …


I loved the spelling on this sign by the side of the road as I walked back to the site!


We arrived at the yard just after 11.30am and it wasn’t long before Simon and Vikki pulled up beside us.  Jamie and Phill appeared about 1pm and then we sorted out the paperwork and found Mars.  After having Neptune for two holidays we had fancied a change this year.  At the end of last year’s holiday we’d borrowed the keys to Mars and had a look onboard.  The decision was made to change to her as the layout was slightly different and appeared to give us more room.  Length and width were identical. 

We soon loaded all our belongings on and were off on our holiday.  There was plenty of tidying up below …


while Jamie took us downriver and Simon tried out one of the bunks for size …


We decided to stop at Barton Turf for a late bite to eat and while Simon erected our flagstaff and flags, I was busy photographing Breeze as the owners tried out her new sails …


Simon and Vikki took us across Barton Broad and as we approached Gay’s Staithe and Neatishead the weather turned nasty and I couldn’t take any photos.


Jamie took us into Neatishead and while the youngsters walked into the village for a drink, Mike and I had a quiet hour and we rested our eyes!!

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jordiegirl said...

Have a good time on your holiday.

You always seem to have such a fun time on your boating holidays.