Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Springwatch on the Last Day

We were woken early again today as we have been each day by the sounds of trains, cockerels, geese and ducks. However this morning I happened to look out as one particular duck was very vocal outside our van. All of a sudden something fell out of the tree behind us and it proceeded to waddle towards the duck! Yes it was a duckling! We watched in pure amazement as eight ducklings threw themselves to the ground from about 20ft in the air!

They all shook themselves down and waddled over to mum, who after gathering two more late-comers, took them off to the river. Who needs Springwatch when you can see it for real from your window!

The day began with a trip to the local hospital as Mike was supposed to be having a blood test while we were away. All he got was – sorry but if you have no form – no blood test. We were sent to a local GP surgery to get a form and there we were told – wrong surgery, you need to go to the one near the campsite! Aaaaahhh!!! That was the final straw! We rang Treliske and left a message for Mike’s doctor telling her that it was impossible to do as requested but if it was absolutely necessary then we’d try again at Canterbury.

So the next decision was what do we want to do on our last day in Broadland. We headed for Neatishead Staithe, stopped for coffee and got the map out.

Mike was desperate to return to Barton Turf ...

so he could have another look at the yacht for sale! We found its name on the transom – Crocus – and he started dreaming about having it transported to Cornwall where he could slowly restore it to its original state! I did say dream!

We then moved on to Stalham and managed to find a spot on the Staithe where we had lunch. After a quick stop at Sutton Staithe ...

we drove to Hickling but all the parking places were for locals or berth holders so we just kept on driving and made our way to Potter Heigham. We’d never been to the village before as we always go to the river so it was nice to find the church which was so pretty.

We then drove to How Hill, parked up and walked down to the river.

It was quite busy on the water and we had a good view back to the house with the RV on the car park.

Toad Hole Cottage is by the river and had plenty of visitors.

From here it was back to the campsite and time to open the wine cellar!

Our last night in Norwich was spent trying to understand an Italian lady. She only had a few English words and we had no Italian so there was a lot of gesticulation and laughter. She was part of a group of friends in three motorhomes who were making their way to Scotland.

Tomorrow morning we will be on the move to Kent so the blog will be back on our Cornwall site. I know, Kent isn’t Cornwall but this blog is strictly for Broadland.


izzybizzy said...

wow those pictures are beautiful :)

sally-ann said...

Many thanks - glad you like them.